Storage in Tokai

Finding a good storage solution for your valuables can be a daunting task. But, if you’re anywhere near Tokai in Capetown, we have got you.

Tokai is one of the largest business and residential hubs in Cape Town. So, safe storage is a common day-to-day demand in the area. Big Storage in Tokai, Cape Town brings customised storage solutions for all your needs.

With decades of experience, our team listens to every customer and their unique storage needs. We understand the level of responsibility that comes with our job. So, we leverage advanced technology and our passion to keep your valuables safe.

So, no task is too big at Big Storage. Trust us, and offer us the opportunity to store your stuff, and we will never disappoint you.

Big Storage - Tokai

How our storage units in Tokai can help you

Our solutions for self storage in Tokai aim to deliver the best services in the form of custom solutions in Tokai and other locations across Cape Town. 

We are easy to reach. SImply call us to discuss your requirements. The moment you convey your need to us, taking care of your essentials will be our top priority.

With our large, safe, and clean storage facility, you can rest assured about the utmost security of your valuables – commercial or residential.

Some of the competitive services we offer are:

  • Bulk storage units, containers, lockers, and specialized custom storage
  • We have size estimators ranging from 4.5sqm to 36sqm.
  • Personal storage solutions like household storage and document storage.
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Storage is kept under security cameras, alarm systems, and trained security personnel.
  • Temporary storage when you’re remodeling your office or home.
  • Heavy equipment storage 

Finding such competitive features for storage is a tough task. At Big Storage, we never compromise with customers’ satisfaction and their valuable possessions. Not only this, we also offer special discounts and even a free month on your lease.

Size Estimator

Use this handy size estimator tool to select the perfect unit size for your space needs and your budget.

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Looking for storage facilities in Tokai?

After conducting advertising effectiveness research, we realized that our customers are anyone who plans to relocate their place, travel, start a business, or use lots of machinery. With such a vast audience, Big Storage strives to offer an all-inclusive storage solutions in Cape Town. So, we have developed the most advanced, safe, and custom storage solutions that fit all.

You can take our items back in self-storage options whenever you need to. We are just a call away. In addition, you can store extra clutter, machinery, vehicles, electronics, etc. You will feel so secure that all your valuable stuff is in safe hands, and you can access them anytime.

So, if you feel some extra stuff is causing any hindrance, then get rid of it. Take it back when you need it, and you will feel your investment was simply worthy. 

Contact us if you need a storage solution near Cape Ton and let us do the rest of the work. In addition, we safely pack your belongings in premium packing, transport them and deliver them back when you’re in need.

So, to experience one-stop storage solutions, call us now!