Business Storage Services

The demand for business storage services has surged as more and more entrepreneurs in South Africa start their own businesses. Businesses need storage space for safely storing surplus stock, seasonal stock, office storage or equipment and machinery. There are many other reasons your business might need reliable storage for peace of mind. When running an online business, storage provides flexibility in storing your inventory securely.

Big Storage is one of the leading storage facility companies in Cape Town. We provide business storage solutions designed for ultimate convenience. We provide self-storage and bulk business storage space depending on your company’s needs.

So, save your precious floor space or eliminate unnecessary overheads by storing your equipment or unused stock at our facility.

If you need the space, we’ve got the place!

Small business storage services 

Business self-storage is always helpful, whether you’re running your business from home or have a dedicated office space. By renting business storage space, you can maximize your available workspace while keeping all your equipment and documents well-organized.

Flexible Business Self-storage

You can rent small business storage units in different sizes, from 2 m2 to mini warehouses. With Big Storage, you can rent a small business storage unit for any time period, which can be as short as one month or as long as 12 months, allowing you to easily move out or switch to smaller or larger units as per your changing needs.

Warehousing for SMEs

We understand that most small to medium businesses may not need to rent an entire warehouse. But they certainly need space to store inventory or ad hoc orders and deliveries. Or you may need temporary storage space to safely store imported goods or items due to be exported.

At Big Storage, you can just pay for the needed space in an already operational warehouse. No set-up costs! No deeds! No leases!

This makes us an ideal and competitive storage service provider for small businesses in South Africa.

Increase your workflow with our business storage units 

As your business grows, you’ll need more floor space to accommodate the growth. Whether you have a surplus of goods, pre-order supplies, important documents that need secure office storage, unused machinery, or anything else, keeping it organized, safe, and out of the way can be a struggle. When your business grows, the existing floor space may not be a sustainable business storage space.

Moreover, you don’t need to move your office space every couple of years as your business expands. Simply use our storage facility to keep unnecessary things like unused machinery or old files. This will free up your space so that you can use the same space to accommodate your current needs.

At Big Storage, you can rent any type of storage solution that fits your business needs. In addition, we let you rent storage on a short-term basis with an option to extend the unit.

All our storage facilities are equipped with high-end alarm systems and surveillance cameras. As a result, we bring you peace of mind knowing that your valuable possessions are in good hands. Big Storage offers insurance on all your stored items.

If you are looking to relocate your business we can help with our van removal service for an easy and safe move of your belongings.

Need Short or long-term storage unit rental in South Africa? Call us today or get a quick obligation-free quote.