Bulk Storage Solutions Cape Town

Big Storage offers bulk storage units, containers, lockers, and specialised bulk storage across Cape Town

Bulk storage is the ideal solution for businesses that require large-scale or pallet storage. With our spacious, safe, and clean storage facility, you are promised the utmost security of your valuables.

If you need the space, we’ve got the place!

Who our bulk storage solutions can help

Every business – whether you operate in the retail space or offer administrative services, have just one branch or dozens across the country – accumulates ‘stuff’!

Depending on your industry, this might include old files and paperwork you need to hold onto for legal reasons, office equipment, surplus inventory, or machinery you only need to use for special projects.

With so many employees now working from home, many of our business clients have found they can downscale to smaller office space – often finding themselves with valuable office furniture they aren’t using right now, but want to hang onto for future expansions. If that sounds like you, then Big Storage has the perfect solution! 

We offer secure, affordable bulk storage for businesses in and around Cape Town. Whether it’s for just a few days or for several months, we have the space you need. 

Here are just some of the items our bulk storage customers use our facilities to keep safe:

What we offer

At Big Storage, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of flexible, scalable bulk storage solutions to suit our diverse customer base. These include:

But we don’t stop there!

We aim to make your life even easier with the following additional services:

Assistance with packing and transport.

We can come to your premises to collect your items for storage, box them up safely, and bring them back to you when you need them.

Provision of storage materials

like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, file boxes, and more.

Temperature-controlled storage

for more delicate items.

State of the art 24-hour security

Why choose Big Storage for your bulk storage in Cape Town?

We believe our commitment to security, affordability, and great customer service sets us apart from other bulk storage companies in Cape Town. Whether you’ll be keeping your items with us for many months or just a few days, we make the process simple and hassle-free.  

We proudly serve our clients with convenience, protection, and cost-effective facilities served under one roof. We even offer a van removal service if you are looking for moving assistance.

What makes Big Storage’s bulk storage units special:

State of the art security

All our bulk storage units are guarded by trained security personnel 24/7/365. Combine this with our top-of-the-line security cameras and alarm systems, and you can rest assured your items are safe.

Variety of bulk storage solutions to choose from

Whether you're an SME or corporate, we have flexible bulk storage containers to suit your needs.


Large or small, all our units have one thing in common – great value for money! You’ll find our rates are particularly attractive given the high level of security you can expect.

Pleasant surprises along the way!

We’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ day. That’s why every now and then, we’ll delight you with special discounts, or even a free month on your lease.

Ready to declutter your space and streamline your business operations?

Get in touch with one of our storage experts today for secure bulk storage at unbeatable prices! Or view our van removal service if you're looking at relocating.

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These are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about bulk storage in Cape Town

While most of our customers use our facilities for long-term storage, you’ll find our bulk storage lockers are just as well suited to short and medium-term storage. Even if you just need somewhere to store your items for a day or two while you move premises, we can help.

We accept all items except weapons and illegal goods.

Absolutely – we can help you pack your items, transport them to our facility, and even return them to you when you need them.

Security is our top priority. All the bulk storage units at our premises are guarded around the clock, and we make use of the very latest alarm systems and security cameras.