Small Business Storage

Small business owners struggle with several common challenges. Lack of storage space is one of these challenges. Small businesses often have a shortage of physical space to store items such as inventory, supplies, and spare equipment. If this sounds relatable, then you can find small business storage space as per your needs.

Small business storage units are more than just storing away your surplus items. Instead, they make a valuable and cost-effective way to streamline your business operations. That’s why commercial self-storage services are becoming popular across various industries in South Africa, mainly because of their business growth benefits.

Self-storage for small businesses involves renting out lockers, rooms, containers, and other spaces, typically for a short term. These are often rented on a month-to-month lease, with options to extend the contract.

Businesses in South Africa offload surplus inventory into small business storage space. You can also use these to secure your archived documents, seasonal inventory such as Halloween merchandise, and also a quick way to house office equipment while moving between locations.

At Big Storage, we provide safe and secure small business storage services as per your changing and growing needs. We’re one of the leading names in South Africa when it comes to superior commercial storage space for guaranteed peace of mind.

If you need the space, we’ve got the place!

Importance of small business storage

Small businesses, whether brick-and-mortar stores or online stores, in South Africa, are flourishing. There are plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities in the country, encouraging people to kick-start their businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit has long defined South African small businesses on a growth scale.

This trend is fueling the small business storage industry in the country. When you’re developing a business, finding adequate space can be a challenge. No matter whether you’re working with a full team, working from home, or simply trying to cut overhead expenses, ideal small business storage can be a saviour.

Here’s how a business storage space can help small businesses:

Cost and Space Efficiency

If you’re on a budget, you may not be able to move your inventory or team into a large space. Instead of spending money on real estate investment, it’s better to find small business inventory storage for storing your supplies.

When you rent commercial self-storage, it doesn’t involve long-term commitments. Simply pay for the units you need and start benefiting. If you need storage for an extended period, it’s possible to save money with prepayment discounts.

Streamlined Inventory Management

From sales to retail to eCommerce, various industries face the need for more storage space. Lack of space may not always hinder your productivity, but it can. So, it’s better to have access to the physical storage space you need to stay organized.

Some items that you might need to store include:

Whether you have a surplus of goods or have preorder inventory, it can be a struggle to stay organized. Here, small business inventory storage space can help you.

Stay Organized During Expansion or Downsizing

Any pursuit is bound to expand over time, which may leave you with the need for extra space. Fortunately, small business storage units help your business grow seamlessly. You can use these units to expand or downsize and stay organized.

So, this is how your small business or startup can benefit from adequate and fully secure self-storage for small businesses.

The best small business storage solutions

At Big Storage, you can rent small business storage solutions available in various sizes, from 2 m2 to mini-warehouses. You can rent these units for any duration of time, which can be as short as a few weeks or as long as 12 months. So, it’s very easy to switch between small and large units as per your changing business needs.

Following are the options of our storage unit sizes that works best for you:

We bring you all types of storage solutions that fit your small business storage needs. You can rent storage for a short period of time with an option to extend the space as well as your contract with us. All our storage units are secure and fully equipped with high-end alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

So, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable commercial assets are in safe hands. On top of that, Big Storage also offers insurance on all your items stored in our units.

When you choose Big Storage, you just pay for what you use in our already operational warehouse. No deeds! No set-up costs! No leases! This is what makes us a preferred small business self-storage service provider in South Africa.

So, get in touch with Big Storage to discuss your needs or get a quick obligation-free quote. Also view our van removal options