How to Find the Right Size and Type of Big Storage Units for Your Needs

Moving house or office, downsizing, or just need to declutter your current space? Our storage units in Cape Town can be a game-changer, providing a secure and convenient solution for your belongings. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right size and type of storage unit? Do not worry, Big Storage is here to help! 

Assessing Your Storage Needs 

Before you start browsing storage units, it is important to assess what you need to store. 

  • Item Inventory: Make a list of everything you plan to store, noting their approximate dimensions and any specific requirements (e.g., fragile items needing extra care). 
  • Purpose of Storage: Are you storing items temporarily during a move, or do you need a long-term solution? Do you have seasonal items like surfboards or holiday decorations that only need storing for part of the year? Understanding your storage duration will help determine the most suitable unit type and size. 

Understanding Storage Unit Sizes 

Big Storage units come in a range of sizes to fit your specific needs. From compact 4.5sqm units perfect for a few boxes or sports gear, up to spacious 36sqm units that can accommodate the contents of an entire house. 

To help you visualise, here are some examples of what you can fit in different unit sizes: 

  • 4.5sqm: A few boxes, sports equipment, or a small collection of furniture. 
  • 9sqm: The contents of a one-bedroom flat or a few appliances. 
  • 18sqm: Furniture from a two-bedroom house or a small car. 
  • 30sqm: The contents of a large house or multiple vehicles. 

Not sure which size is right for you? Try out our handy online size estimator tool for a quick and easy estimate. 

Types of Storage Units 

Different storage units offer various features, each with their own benefits: 

  • Climate-Controlled Units: These maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, protecting your belongings from extreme weather conditions. Ideal for storing delicate items like electronics, artwork, and antiques. 
  • Drive-Up Units: Offering direct vehicle access, these are perfect for quick and easy loading and unloading. Ideal for storing bulky items or if you need frequent access to your belongings. 
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Units: Indoor units are located within a building, offering additional security and protection from the elements. Outdoor units may be more accessible and are often suitable for vehicle storage. 

Important Considerations 

Beyond storage unit size and type, there are other factors to consider before making a decision:  

  • Security: At Big Storage, the safety of your belongings is our priority. We have CCTV cameras, gated access, and other security measures in place. 
  • Accessibility: Choose a location that is convenient for you, whether it is near your home, workplace, or frequently travelled route. We have convenient locations in Cape Town – Tokai, Lansdowne, and Kuilsriver – offering 24/7 access to your belongings. 
  • Insurance: Protect your valuables with storage insurance. We offer affordable options for peace of mind. 
  • Budget: Consider your budget for storage. Keep in mind that larger units and additional features like climate control that may come at a higher cost. 

In Closing 

Choosing the right storage unit does not have to be overwhelming. By carefully assessing your needs, understanding the different unit sizes and types, and considering factors like security and accessibility, can help you find the perfect storage solution for your belongings. 

Still unsure? Our friendly team at Big Storage is always happy to help.  

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