5 Self Storage Tips and Tricks 


Storing your valuable belongings at self-storage units for the long or short term has several benefits. It helps to get a secure space to store your essentials whether you’re moving, getting home improvement done, or want to store extra things in a safe space.  

Moreover, modern storage units are best for keeping documents, furniture, electronics or any household to business items. To enhance your self storage even more you can take proper precautions to ensure your belongings remain safe and well-preserved. To assist you, here are the top 5 self storage tips and tricks.  

5 Self storage tips and tricks: 

1. Declutter and organise 

The first step to effective self storage is decluttering and organising. Whether it’s household or business space, you must separate the items you want to self-store. Then, after assessing each item, make a list of all the things. This will help you get the right idea about the size of the self-storage unit and simplify your packing. 

Some of the tips for decluttering and organisation are: 

  • Create a list of all the things you want to store. 
  • Place related items together. It can be according to weight, type etc. 
  • It would be best to label all the stuff with its name, fragile or not, and which room it will go to, etc. 

Sorting and labelling all the things will help you with packaging, transporting, arranging, and even taking them back. 

2. Utilise vertical space 

One of the most important tips is to use vertical space in the self-storage units. You should always try to stack boxes from floor to ceiling. It helps you to use all the vertical space, which goes wasted if you line up everything on the floor without stacking. 

This strategy will maximise your self storage space and let you even add more things. The vertical stacking makes the unit compact, organised, and easy to access.  

Pro Tip: You can also place heighteners in the self-storage unit so the bottom box doesn’t have extreme weight. Also, it protects from ground moisture. 

3. Pack and stack strategically 

If you are availing services of a self storage facility, you must adopt future-friendly techniques. Imagine placing everything on the ground without any order; you will have difficulty finding what you need. 

It would be best to place the heaviest and sturdiest boxes on the bottom for smart stacking. Also, arrange them so there is a path to access every box. For example, create an aisle on both sides to safely access anything. This means you should leave space for walking. It helps you view the labels and deal with the item you want to take out. 

4. Protect your belongings 

Packing smart can help your belongings to stay intact for a long time. So, here are some tips you can follow to protect your belongings: 

  • You should thoroughly clean and dry all your belongings before packing. It will prevent the growth of mould or mildew.  
  • Disassemble the things wherever possible to maximise the space in the personal self storage. 
  • You should cover the furniture parts with furniture covers or blankets to ensure that they are safe from dust. 
  • All sensitive belongings must be packed with good padding, bubbles etc., to ensure longevity and avoid damage from accidents. 

Furthermore, you should address all the items and pack them according to their unique requirements. Some need protection from dust, some from moisture and other things. So, dry, clean and pack them best. 

5. Use durable boxes 

Boxes have immense importance when it comes to packing belongings. If you wonder if you can use weak or broken boxes, you may risk your items. 

It’s best to get sturdy, durable and heavy boxes as they would provide protection against any accident or environmental damage. So, look for boxes that can withstand environmental damages, transportation and time. You can also add silica gel desiccant packets to save the boxes and belongings from moisture. 

Pro Tip: You should place heavy and fragile items in small boxes. It makes the movement easier.  

These were some little but impactful strategies that will significantly enhance the life of your belongings at self-storage units. So, the trick is to organise, make a list, label, pack and use high-quality packing for safeguarding your essentials. 

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